Providing Rapid Growth & Development for Online businesses

Our Team of Cross Functional Experts in Tech, Data and Marketing Can Help.

Modern marketing requires more than guessing – we rely on using available information and analytics to determine how your product fits into the market place.

Our team of business and marketing experts are knowledgeable in all areas of marketing, UX and IT, each with a unique set of specializations. This ensures you

get the best knowhow all under one roof… streamlining your processes, identifying areas for growth as well as data-based decision-making.

Our Services


We provide comprehensive analysis of your online performance, allowing us to adjust user experiences and optimize conversion rates for your business.


We create short, medium and long-term strategic plans for your business, and set measurable goals to ensure that you reach your full potential.

Great Results

We harness all aspects of digital marketing: from site development to SEO & PPC. Our cross-functional team ensures your business isn’t left treading water.

Some of our Projects


One of our most exciting and forward thinking clients, cannabismd,com have flourished with our help. Our SEO and content writing services have shone, and the client has grown from strength to strength as a result. Now ranking through organic search in a highly competitive space, have seen massive increases in key performance indicators. This ongoing partnership has helped the Fat Fish team break into new markets and add to our already rich skills set.

Namaste Technologies

The collaborative work of Namaste Technologies and our team has seen the company’s share price grow from 0.06c to over $3. In just 2 years, we grew their online sales by over 10x. This was one of our favourite projects to work on and the results that we achieved for the client are some of our proudest achievements thus far. Our work with Namaste Technologies demonstrates first-hand what can be achieved through our holistic digital marketing services.

Bloom Botanics

A start up seeded by Fat Fish, we started this CBD store ran by Tom Neilly in March 2019 and already are tracking well over 6 figures annualized in GBP

After a long realtionship, Fat Fish Marketing has partaken in advising and aiding in the growth of a 10 million+ follower online power house in the endemic cannabis space.

Birch & Fog

Birch & Fog are a Vancouver based lifestyle business that has seen large success and multi-million sales turn over. We offer a full management package of their sites growth. Allowing them to focus on business development.


A new client this year, Herbalize have taken advantage of the full range of services that our team offer. Growing their sales by over 400% since April 2018, we’ve helped Herbalize to thrive in a space where have struggled to grow.


Although many of our clients have been international organizations, we are passionate about working with indigenous companies who share our passion for ambitious creativity. Fergusons represent the very best that the Irish luxury goods market has to offer. With customers that include British royalty, this new venture challenged our team who excelled in providing the best possible digital marketing services so that the team at Fergusons could focus on what they do best, creating beautiful products of the highest quality.

Finca Skin Organics

Our work with Finca Skin Organics combines our experience in the alternative medicine space with our passion for Irish entrepreneurship. This exciting start up creates a diverse and innovative range of skin care products which are seeing growing sales in the Irish, British and North American markets. We have big plans for this growing business and are committed to an ambitious digital marketing strategy that will see them thrive in the months and years to come.

Our Managment Team

Joshua Neilly

Managing Director

Luke Corr

Creative Director

Branislav Nikolic

Product Manager & SEO

Made stronger with the help of another 30+ cross-functional staff

Katrin Busch

Operations & Scrum Master

Keven Sands

Data Advisor

Łukasz Skrzyniarz

Incubation/Start-Up Team Lead

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